All of the Creepypastas on this page are fake, this is one of them

Story Edit

On a normal day I was playing Minecraft, it was 1.8.3 at the time. But I saw a mysterious new world though.

I decided to play on the world to see what it was like. It was normal at first, but things started to get a bit weird.

The village was on fire, and the animals had evil red eyes like Satan. I then saw a Desert Temple. But this wasn't any Desert Temple because when I broke the wool and went in the hole there were NO chests! I then saw a creepy player with blood all over him, and a ripped suit. I checked to see if I was on multiplayer or if someone is messing with me. I was on singleplayer though. The weird player was a bit like Herobrine, except that he kept following me. I hit the mysterious person, or what it was and it had a highly enchanted diamond sword and killed me. When I woke up I was in a little wooden house that I DID NOT build. I opened the door and I see the person again. I hit him again and the game crashes. I went back on Minecraft and the world was not there. What I did see was the title screen had all blood on it and the picture of the mysterious person. It did not say 'MINECRAFT' but it did say ' I AM YOUR SECRET WATCHER' I deleted the game and downloaded it again.

The game was all back to normal. The mysterious new world that I talked about at the beginning was now called 'I WANT YOU'. I knew I had to watch out for my secret watcher.

Who is he? Edit

People call him The Secret Watcher but we are not sure who he is exactly. These are suggestions of who he is exactly.

1: A virus or a error

2: Illuminati Haunting

3: Herobrines Bloody Twin

4: A hacker who can hack into singleplayer

What he is trying to do Edit

He is trying to take over Minecraft because he wants all the animals and monsters to have powers like his.

He also does this because he wants revenge on Notch.

Powers Edit

His powers are

1: Thunder

2: His highly enchanted diamond sword ( with unique enchants)

3: Fire Rain

4: His eyes

You may be wondering why his eyes? Well if you look into them you die straight away.