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White enderman..png

An enderman is a tall, black mob in Minecraft, and any player who has played the game for more than a week or so should already know that. 6 years ago, a very strange thing happened when I played Minecraft Java Edition 1.6.4 . Here's the story:  

I had just started playing Minecraft, because I was bored of talking and playing with my friend. I have a singleplayer survival world, and inside that world I had a mansion that was somewhat close to 50 x 50 blocks. I also had a friendly little dog named Lucas inside the mansion. I had a few eyes of ender, so I started an adventure and I brought the standard diamond armor, diamond sword, and a bow with 1 stacks of arrows. Of course, I also brought some food. 

I intended to find a stronghold, and after searching for about an hour, I finally found one but when I fell into a room, I heard an enderman die. I thought it must have been an enderman falling into the pool of lava near the end portal. I followed the sound to the end portal, but when I walked into the hallway, I saw a few endermen. But one. One stood out from the others. It's skin was colour inverted. It had blinding white skin and green eyes, and green particles around it. 

I started getting chased by the white enderman. I then turned around and he was still chasing me. I finally found my digging hole, from where I originally entered the stronghold. I went up fast using wooden planks until I reached the surface. 

I kept running away from the white enderman and went into my mansion. The door opened by itself, and inside of mansion there was a lot of TNT. Of course, it exploded, and I almost died.  

Then I saw a normal enderman walk up to me. I felt somewhat relieved, but then it started glitching and it transformed into the white enderman. I ran into the water, because normally endermen are damaged by water, but this enderman just walked atop the water as if it were barriers with the texture of water.   

Because I moved slowly in water, the white enderman reached me and one-hit me. Unlike usual, the death screen didn't let me respawn, and I thought to myself "I'm not in hardcore mode, why is this happening?" So I left that world behind. I haven't gone back to it yet, but I plan on doing so soon. But no matter what, every time I go into the world it still shows the death screen and doesn't let me respawn. Eventually, I got sick of the madness and deleted the world.