On January 1st 2015, a video from Lizardvideoz was releasd titled, "My Days on Minecraft." The 4th screenshot seen on the video was SlenderChance standing on ice. What you dont notice is a Creeper stuck under the ice. Very few commentators pointed out the creeper. But why very few? The Creeper is really hard to see since ice in Minecraft is so blue you can barely see through it. The last screenshot in the video is Strange too. The screenshot is a Slime about to attack SlenderChance in Creative Mode. But thats not really strange because the Slime could just be minding its own business while just moving towards SlenderChance without paying any attenion to him. It happened to me once in Creative Mode. Theres still a mystery beind that screenshot though (the one with the slime). But back to the 3rd screenshot, could the Creeper be frozen? Could SlenderChance have put it there? Could my dad be watching me? Who knows. For now it will remain a mystery. OH CRAP!