aka Sloan

  • I live in Seattle, Cascadia
  • My occupation is Governor of Cascadia
  • I am Male
  • Bio Hail to the Grand Admiral!
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This user has multiple personalities, meaning he is unpredictable and possibly dangerous. Hardly matters, as few people know of him or even visit him, which only feeds his schizophrenia. Avoid this user at all costs unless he is in his peaceful state, as he is believed to be a maniacal bloodthirsty retard.

Hey, you found me. Nice.


Seriously, can anyone reading this name 3 of my stories? Hell, most people don't even remember the best thing I did for this wiki. Well, nonetheless, here I am. The swearing, snearing, sadistic, Toaster. I mean, you can call me Toasters, but I prefer Sloan or Sant. I have a few friends here.

Bella, Hood, uh.... other people.... Anyways, enjoy your stay at the wiki.
Doc Sloan Skin1

Feel free to contact me with my Discord

These days I roam the wiki trying help in anyway, making enemies by accident, and weighing in on discussions that I have indirectly started which have gotten to the point where they sometimes cause me serious mental anguish over why I ever came to this place. But anyways, it'll be fun to see you around and watch as you help change this wiki by authoring some really cool stuff because I sure as hell can't.

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