aka Greater Rautanian Order

Mega Mann Entity303 Slayer
  • I was born on September 19
  • I am Ⱈⱃⰲⰰⱅ
  • Bio I am the one, Orgasmatron
    The outstretched grasping hand
    My image is of agony
    My servants scrape the land
    Obsequious and arrogant
    Clandestine and vain
    Two thousands years of misery
    Of torture in my name
    Hypocrisy made paramount
    Paranoia the law
    My name is called religion
    Sadistic, sacred bastard
    I twist the truth, I rule the world
    My crown is called deceit
    I am the emperor of lies
    You grovel at my feet
    I rob you and I slaughter you
    Your downfall is my gain
    And still you play the sycophant
    And revel in your pain
    And all my promises are lies
    All my love is hate
    I am the politician
    And I decide your fate
    I march before a martyred world
    An army for the fight
    I speak of great heroic days
    Of victory and might
    I hold a banner drenched in blood
    I urge you to be brave
    I lead you to your destiny
    I lead you to your grave
    Your bones will build my palaces
    Your eyes will stud my crown
    For I am Mars, the God of War
    And I will cut you down
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History will be kind to me, because I intend to write it. (talk) 21:18, March 13, 2018 (UTC)

According to this piece of code technology, it is Saturday, amrite?



I mostly see myself as a Wikia veteran since I was on this Wikia since 2014 and was active at random intervals, but now I am much more active.

some musik


OS - Windows XP, SP3

Motherboard - GigaByte GA-M52L-S3

CPU - AMD Athlon X2 64 5000+ 2.6 GHz

GPU - Nvidia GeForce 210 VGA BIOS 1 GB

RAM - 3 GB

Power supply - Linkworld brilliant power 500 W

Age: NO!.

Nationality: Croatian.

Location: Croatia.

Hair: Buzz cut shaved.

Gender: Male.

Favorite food: Yes.

Greatest friends: ElectroAaronDYnamix and MasterFrown0704.

Political compass ideology: Authoritarian Right.

Conditions: Significant tinnitus in left ear, astigmatism.

Things I like and dislike

Favorite games: Heroes of Might and Magic 3 and 4, Doom 1 and 2, Metal Gear Solid series, Company of Heroes 1, Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee and Exoddus, Brothers in Arms series, S.T.A.L.K.E.R: Shadow of Chernobyl, Resident Evil 4, Tanki Online and Minecraft.

Favorite type of music: Hardbass, Templar chants, funeral songs, Balkan brass, metal and Mongolian throat singing.

Favorite bands: Ten Masked Men, Metallica, Sabaton, Genocide Organ and Ramleh.

Most liked ideologies: Libertarianism, nationalism to some degree and republicanism.

Most disliked ideologies: Communism and corporatocracy.

Some Pastas

Shadow of Unknown - My oldest Pasta which speaks about an shadowy outcast seeking revenge for merely getting banned.

Shadow of Unknown 2 :His Kingdom - Sequel of Shadow of Unknown in which Shadow of Unknown is now the ruler of Lucky Games server.

Shadow of Unknown 3: Trembling Worlds - This story speaks about how Shadow of Unknown declares a war against all of Minecraft.

Shadow of Unknown 4: After Minecraft - The aftermath of war against Minecraft.

Shadow of Unknown 5: Headless Horde (WIP) - The siege against the technological world of today.

Shadow Dragon - This story speaks about 2 users fighting more than just a Ender Dragon.

The Heart of Nether (WIP) - They say that curiosity killed the cat, or did it?

The Vultures (WIP) - The wonderful story of Minecraft Creepypasta Wikia and it's users.

The Jester - You cannot fool all people all the time.

Cooking With Creeper (WIP) - Cooking is fun, as long as you are not a wolf in sheep's clothing.

The Midnight Zone (WIP) - Both the Beauty and ugliness are to be found in great depths.

The Final Wall (Not Made) - The final conflict of Creepypastas and normal users.

Sort-of Pasta

MCCPBunker Episode 1 (Only on forum) - How it all began.




Activity Table!

Activity type Description
Current Rating: Sane

Happy Sometimes happens over summer or other holidays. I'm online as much as I can be. This means that I edit basically all day, 7 days a week, and usually am in the live chat. Can make as much as 100-200 edits a day.
Sane My most common rating. Still edit daily, however school and other activities prevent me from being on the Extremely Active rating. I am still online 3-6 hours a day, and live chat when necessary. Can make 50-100 edits a day.
Apathetic I am on this stage when I'm either becoming inactive, or becoming active again. I try to edit daily, however I might miss a day occasionally. Activity is pretty decent, however less than the above two because of more responsibilities and loss of interest. Online 2-4 hours a day, occasional live chat. Can make 15-50 edits a day.
Insane I don't edit as often, and do not exactly care about missing a day or two in editing. Might take longer breaks (1-4 weeks) and come back. Usually not in the live chat, activity decreasing. Most likely on this stage due to loss of interest and/or responsibilities. Edit count varies based on how much I want to edit. Can be active up to 15 minutes and rarely more.
Demented I don't edit often, max 1-2 days a week, occasionally not even that. Only make a few edits, 1-10 per session. Not in live chat. Closing in on retirement from the wiki.
Schizophrenic I'm basically gone for good. I only edit once or twice a month, or even less. Still a chance of me coming back, but the longer the break is, the smaller the chance of me returning is.
Full Mental Failure The final retirement post will end with last words being in Croatian.


Show my relations with the people in this chart.

Green (+70): We are allies. I will be on your side regardless of what happens. *Salutes*

Blue (+30): We are friends. We enjoy good relations, but I won't be caught off guard if you break a rule.

Yellow (0): I am neutral about you.

Orange (-30): I don't like you. Only talk to me if it's urgent.

Red (-130): I will rip apart everything you hold dear to you until you have nothing left to hold.

Bella1963 (+200)

  • Your compliments (+130)
  • You're peaceful (+50)
  • Your kindness (+20)

Chicken10 (+20)

  • Ban Hammer (+10)
  • Your jokes (+20)
  • Historical ally (+60)
  • Admin (+20)
  • Unnecesary Bans (-10)
  • Cheating during Road to Bureaucrat (-80)

DekuDesu! (+35)

  • Admin (+15)
  • Taking your role with responsibility (+15)
  • Contributor (+5)

DomIsTheBest (-1495)

  • Uses Windows XP (+1)
  • Inactivity (+4)
  • Vandalism (-100)
  • You lied (-600)
  • Sockpuppeting (-800)

EnderChas (-10)

  • Made peace (+20)
  • Improving relations (+10)
  • History (-40)

ElectroAaronDYnamix (+575) (Blood brother)

  • Historical ally (+400)
  • Your jokes (+30)
  • You're peaceful (+20)
  • I value your friendship (+40)
  • Wiki staff (+10)

MasterFrown0704 (+300) (Blood brother)

  • I value your friendship (+25)
  • Your jokes (+75)
  • Historical ally (+200)

Nk-the-epic (+40)

  • Your jokes (+20)
  • I value your friendship (+20)
  • Good luck (+5)
  • Inactivity (-5)

Prism55Writes (+130) (slav comrad)

  • Your jokes (+50)
  • Writing cool pastas (+10)
  • Eggplants (+10)
  • I value your friendship (+30)
  • Slav (+30)

SCP-Deadlock/Great Leader (+700) (We salute you)

  • You promoted me (+150)
  • Owner (+350)
  • Your jokes (+50)
  • Love for mapping (+20)
  • I value your friendship (+20)
  • Writing cool pastas (+10)
  • Historical ally(+100)

ThatGuyEntity (-130)

  • Inactivity (+30)
  • Created fraud wiki (-100)
  • Public Enemy (-30)
  • Immature (-30)

The Dead Writer (-20) (He might redeem himself)

  • Apologized (+60)
  • Past atrocities (-80)

Yoshfico123 (+999999999)

  • Sexiest living thing to ever exist (+999999999)

Yoshfoof123 (0)

  • no fuf (-999999)
  • yes fuf (+999999)

Revaeropium (+200)

GatlerFX (+100)

  • I value your friendship (+50)
  • Live chats (+50)

Saher1234566 (+40)

  • Good friend (+20)
  • Fights against pasta believers (+20)

Its Naseeb (+50)

  • Good friend (+20)
  • Your kindness (+20)
  • Live chats (+10)

Popstar792 (+80)

  • Good friend (+30)
  • Your kindness (+20)
  • The ability to turn any chat fun (+30)

  • Former Enemy (-5)
  • Reformed (+25)
  • Similar liking (NationStates, mapping and memes) (+30)
  • I value your Friendship (+50)
  • Gave me a hint which helped me install windows XP (+100)

Rautania (Flag made by Revaeropium)

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