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  • I live in No, just no. You creepy stalker.
  • I was born on December 5
  • My occupation is Man Male
  • I am I am MAn male
  • Bio Hello, I see you when you sleep, I save you from evil and then kill you. I also write scary Minecraft stories. BOO!
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Skin Mann
This user is the Skin Mann, meaning he is very skilled at making shitty high quality Minecraft skins. This user is generally an idiot but has the knowledge when it comes to designing these skins. Ask him if you want some fucking horrible incredibly designed skins for your story or self.

Henriot5 is a member of staff on this wiki!




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"I am darkness, I see everything, I feel everything, I hear everything, I kill, I am your end. Don't forget to look under your bed at night." -Henriot5

Hello, fellow idiot, who has nothing to do and decides to check out my profile! I am Henriot5, also known as Sauron. I've been on this wiki for over a year. I'm known for Games of the Assassin pasta and just being an active guy. Yeah. Stuff down below.

I am currently rank #6 on the wiki.

Henriot5's Workshop List of all my pastas made, ones I am working on, and new ones coming soon.

I am the creator of MCCW Monthly News! Which is now cancelled, because I made the mistake of allowing MPW to write them.(lol)

Cool idiots


Hair color: Dirty blonde

Current hair length: Long

Life status: Screw Life

School Status: 12th grade

Current area: UK, England

Current technology use: Chromebook, PC, Phone

Current age: 17

Current rank on top wiki: #6

Current staff rank: Admin

Nicknames(populat to least): Henry, HenPeace, Sauron, Hen, Henriot5, Hen man.

Social Media: Discord- Sauron #4337, Fandom-Henriot5, Twitter-HenPeace5/Sauron


Language: English(UK, US), Slight French, Slight Russian

Problems: Gastritis, color blindness, can't see green.

Activity Chart

Activity type Description
Current Rating: Bored/sick
SUPA HYPED Sometimes happens when I real HYPED. I'm online as much as I can be. This means that I edit basically all day, 7 days a week, and usually am in the live chat. Can make as much as 100-200 edits a day.
HYPED My most common rating. Still edit daily, however school and other activities prevent me from being on the Extremely Active rating. I am still online 3-6 hours a day, and live chat when necessary. Can make 50-100 edits a day.
BORED/SICK I am on this stage when school gets a lot in the way or other work, or I'm just lazy, bored, or sick. I try to edit daily, however I might miss a day occasionally. Activity is pretty decent, however less than the above two because of more responsibilities and loss of interest. Online 2-4 hours a day, occasonal live chat. Can make 15-50 edits a day.
Hungry I don't eat as often, and do not exactly care about missing a day or two in eating souls. Might take longer breaks (1-4 weeks) and come back. Usually not in the live chat, activity decreasing. Most likely on this stage due to loss of interest and/or responsibilities. Edit count varies based on how much I want to eat poor souls.
Very Hungry I don't eeat often, max 1-2 days a week, occasionally not even that. Only make a few edits, 1-10 per session. Not in live chat. Closing in on retirement from the wiki. I NEEDA EAT
Slendered I'm basically kidnapped by Slenderman. I only edit if I come back and escape slenderman, or don't. Still a chance of me coming back, but the longer the break is, the smaller the chance of me returning is.
OOFED I am officially OOFED. On this stage, I either disabled my Fandom Account, forgot about Fandom while on the above stage, or suffered a tragic accident in real life that crippled me for life/killed me. No chance of me returning, ever. My last edit before leaving will most likely be changing my activity meter to this rating, along with a final goodbye message, or not, because I will be dead. lol
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