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I was on a single player world, naming animals jeb_, dinnerbone, and toast to see the results. My sister pointed out a village, and so I flew over (i was in creative). I love villages, but this one was different. In the village, was 2 libraries, with the same bit only showing. I was freaked out, I wanted to take a screenshot, but this happened in chat.

"Screenshot cancelled: Due to"

I can't remember the rest but I was something along the lines of

"Code being typed"

I was freaked out, so I left. But I remembered, maybe the seed of it sounds weird. But when I got to saves... It was gone...


Ittybittybummer. This is real as well

UPDATED 11/15/2014

I started loading up my Minecraft shortcut. I went to single player...ALL the worlds were gone which made be quite sad, Because those worlds took a lot of time. But I'll get my revenge.

Libraries won't scare me anymore..


Yeah, it happened again. I ignored it this time, didn't bother to take a screenshot. Nothing happened. Maybe the library wants to be hidden, doesn't want to be seen. So it seeks revenge for anyone that tries...