Disclaimer: This is Fiction, not real and should not be stated as so.

You might of heard of Herobrine, null, Entity 303 and Secret Watcher. Well if you want to know what happened to the player who is now Secret Watcher, this is the answer.

The Answer

It all started back in Minecraft Beta. A random Player had only just started on Minecraft. It wasn't what he thought it was though. He started mining and found some diamonds. He got some iron and sticks to craft a iron pickaxe. He then mined those diamonds. Suddenly he saw zombies and creepers. The zombies attacked him and creepers blew him up. The sky was also going blood red. He saw some clouds the shape as eyes. He then ran away. He built a shelter but the zombies were following him. He also saw Herobrine; trying to say "YOU ARE ONE OF US NOW!!". He died and he came to a spooky cave. He then saw his skin looked different. He felt different in real life too. He felt like he could watch everyone. He felt like he was a new CREEPYPASTA. He then changed his Minecraft name from Awesome Guy to Secret Watcher.