1 Year Ago I Got Minecraft And Created A New World I Named It "My Minecraft World" I Loaded The Game, When The World Loaded, Things Already Got Strange

I Spawned In A 4 by 4 Hole, I Mined My Way Out Of There And Got Some Wood, I Felt Like Someone Was Watching Me, I Looked Around, Nobody Was There, I Started To Make My House, by the time i was finished i noticed what i thaught to be a cow, i went to killed it and it ran off, i came back to my house and went to sleep since it was night,

the next morning i went mining for iron, i went into a cave i found, but then on my way i started see 1 by 1 tunnels and redstone torches, i deciced to get the heck out of there, i got back to my house and noticed there was a sign saying "Welcome" I Freaked Out And Ran Into my house, the house was in fire and half of it was gone, i started running,i started finding torches and i was following them, the torches led me to a nether portal, i entered the portal and it brang me to the nether, there was a sign saying "That Was Not Very nice" I Continued Running In The Nether Into I Found Another Nether Portal, I Entered It But Instead Of Bringing Me To The Normal World It Brang Me To Another Part Of The Nether, I Could See Someone And They Ran off

I decicided to go back in the portal and it brang me to the normal world, my house was gone, and i was scared as heck, i quited the game and renamed the world to "The Haunted World Of Minecraft"