Chapter 1: The Dream

Once, before the 1.7 update even was released, I had a strange returning nightmare (This Part is actually real)

I kept going, inside a boat, I was not sitting at the computer playing the game, I was the player, in a pixelated ocean.

The water looked darker than usual, and there was nothing in the sky, just a bland, light blue sky, I couldn't see the land, but after a while, I finally found a little island with a hut, I proceeded onto the island out of curiosity, but then suddenly, I couldn't move. I stood at the bottom of the ocean, I stood there for God knows how long, until something strange happened.

An Elder Guardian from the 1.8 update appeared right in front of me, and with a high pitch sound, everything went black. I then got to the Title Screen, with an Underwater Temple in the background...

Then, I woke up.

I haven't cared about this, until some weeks later.

Chapter 2: The Server

I was on my friend's server, trying out 1.8 SMP, but one day, I was alone.

I was in a boat, and the exact same thing happened, but when I drowned, I found myself in the Hut. I found a chest with enchanted diamond tools, and tackled the Temple.

I won, but as I left, I still heard an Elder Guardian....

I am planning on hiding the loot from my friends, but when I was playing my singleplayer world, I found myself in a village.

Chapter 3: The Village (Now we are coming to the made-up part :P)

Hi! Hope you're enjoying this little creepypasta where I take real events from my life, and put some fiction into it and create a Minecraft Creepypasta! This will continue soon!

-Noah LZ