FILE N°696 NAME AND SURNAME: Richard Rogers. SECURITY CLEARANCE: LEVEL 9,THE HIGHEST. Here´s Richard Rogers´s story: Richard Rogers at a age 21 has hound a complex cave where have been standing a sign with a name Cave of Death, Richard was interested of these danger caves. Then he had noticed there was chlorine gas and other dangerous chemicals. But for his bonus he had a pepper spray and a handgun in which he had a Infinity enchant.

The handgun was Glock 17,pepper spray was enchanted too.Then he noticed some red eyes,had camera on his hard-hat,when he noticed there was chlorine he rather grabbed his Avon S10 gas mask. He had a NBC-1 filter on it because when he was 18 he went to military but the sergeant was too good and he gaves him all need equipment except civilian banned guns. Let´s get back to the story: The red eyes seemed to be closer so he grabbed handgun and had shot these eyes. Then he noticed the eyes wasn´t eyes but it was a really dangerous Wither Spider. Then there was other of these,he shot them all and safely proceed. He noticed on the wall was blood-painted 666,If someone´s here he´s in hell on earth. It looked really scary and he wanted to go back but there it been covered with bedrock. He knew that it could open only if he complete these 4 nights without dying. 4 nights are done, it finally opened,he went to Grassland,he said what the hell is that ? Blood everywhere,guts everywhere,monsters everywhere. He had shot it all but then creeper exploded,he felt that pain of the explosion,it rip his one arm off.

He eaten an MRE. sleep there,he heard weird sounds,grab his handgun and he noticed there was a SPAS shotgun and a desert eagle,all enchanted. He grab it, equip the shotgun,he sew his arm to body. Then he was shot to leg and body. They found him half-dead,transport him into hospital,he died for internal bleed. Then a poltergeist entered the hospital. The poltergeist was angry Richard,after-life psychotic from the anger to the personnel. They leave him,he called. They didn´t response,he died. He destroyed the entire medicinal gases cabinets. Patients looked like they were shot,sewed arm. Everyone died from internal bleed,doctors were all insane psychopaths. The poltergeist started to reproduce,everyone called exorcist. Exorcists died from the same reason,Internal bleed. The hospital was abandoned,everywhere were number 21,If someone is here he is in hell on earth.