Ever feel being followed? That scary feeling of someone watching you, It could be a creeper, an animal, or just one of your friends. For me, I am followed all the time. But I was not followed by creepers, animals, or any of my friends. I was followed by something supernatural.

It started off normal, I was punching a tree and gathering some materials. when I was done with my house, I stumbled into a sign with an arrow pointing at some sort of weird village. There were no villagers and all the chests in the little huts were empty. The well was filled with lava instead of water. Out of curiosity, I decided to go wander the village. After a while, I came across a cobblestone hut. Inside it was a bed, a few Redstone torches on the wall and a picture of a black man with yellow eyes. The black man seemed to watch me to wherever I went. So I broke the painting and I thought that it might be cool to bring a creepy picture to my house. So I ran home and I placed the Black Man picture on my wall. After, I stared at it. It was getting dark so I went to sleep. But when I woke up I saw a black man with glowing yellow eyes staring at me. I saw big red letters that covered my screen. It said; "FOREVER I SHALL FOLLOW". Then the words and the man quickly disappeared in less than a second and the picture was empty. The black man that was on it was no longer there. I panicked and I left the game. Then a couple of days later, I decided to play again. I was exploring the biome, when suddenly, I felt like I was being followed. So I turned around every now and then to make sure the man in black wasn't following me. Everything seemed well until I saw someone on the top of my roof. He stared at me for a few seconds and then quickly disappeared. I walked in my house to see if the man didn't steal anything. Suddenly, a sign popped up behind me and it said "FOREVER I SHALL FOLLOW" The man seemed to be saying that all the time. I broke the sign and saw the black man with those glowing yellow eyes staring at me. Then big bloody letters popped up on my screen and said "FOREVER I SHALL FOLLOW" Then, my screen went black and my computer died. I don't want to turn my computer on ever again after that experience, because I know that the man would continue to follow me.