Its me again, nanubot. I'm still worried about Doctor Havoc and my friends. So after a few months I decided to man up and face Doc Havoc one more time.... but I only found out that my bravery isn't enough to stand up to Doctor Havoc.

I got some help  with my new friends (I had too many to remember) and they did the same thing that my "Lost friends" built. The biome sized hospital with traps, redstone, and Jukeboxes. So instead of leaving me here alone, my friends came with me. I had 14 friends to be exact. So we did it at night hoping to avenge my "Lost friends". We seperated and searched every room hoping that it might spawn Doctor Havoc. We were ordered to check the Player List every two minutes to make sure that no one left. We stayed at the server for 2 hours trying to find the doctor. Then, I meet up with one of my friends called TheRussianPirate. Me and TRP (that was his nickname) searched together. When we checked the player list, something weird happend. On the player list was a new player, called Doctor Havoc! TRP and I texted eachother on our phones. I texted: "DUDE!!! ARE U SEEING THIS?" TRP answered back: "No. What is it?" I texted: "THE PLAYER LIST SAYS DOCTOR HAVOC IS ON!!!" TRP texted back: "?" I answered: "Check your player list man!1!!!" I looked back at the computer and saw that TRP wasn't on the player list anymore. Everyone wasn't on the player list. I was the only one left. The only one remaining was Doc Havoc. I didn't want the same thing to happen again. I left the game and deleted it again. Me and TRP met up at Mcdonalds and talked about Doc Havoc. He said, "It's all a fake, you crazy hobo." I was mad and said, "DUDE! I saw it with my two eyes! No one was on the Player List!" He just frowned and said. "Dude, I got disconnected. It just disconnected me." I stared at him. "I tried to log back on but I found out that my account got deleted." He said looking down. "You think....that maybe all my friends got deleted?" I asked. He just walked out of the restaurant. I still had lots of questions in my mind. I will soon find out...I hope.