Here are the seven golden rules for writing a Minecraft Creepypasta:

Rule 1

The story should not be Herobrine or 303 ripoffs. There are too many of those in these days. I'm sure that you guys have great ideas of stories without having to take it away from a classic.

Rule 2

Balance tension, gore, and fear. Too much of one thing can make it a little bit over the top. At the same time, make sure that there is enough of every element, because otherwise the story would not be creepy: it would just be pasta.

Rule 3

Be original. Creepypastas are very enjoyable when they come straight out of the mind and soul. You've got this! We can all get through writers block without the need to do the old "Ctrl C and Ctrl V".

Rule 4

Beware the haters, the exposers, and the unbelievers. If you actually saw a scary element, a lot of people might not believe you. Don't let these kind of people make you feel bad. Also, just think that haters have better to do than insult you, right?

Rule 5

Cliffhangers are really cool. Adding them to creepypastas makes it more spicy, and keeps the reader reading.

Rule 6

DON'T UNDER ANY CONDITION USE ALL CAPS!!!! Oh, wait. I see that I am being hypocritical. Ok.. I'm just going to go...

Rule 7

Creepypastas are equal, as long as they are original and actually creepy. Having an Entity 303 ripoff with Entity 304 is not going to make your story equal to the original version. Or Herobrine with Enirboreh. We all love original stories, and I personally love to write original stories as well.