There once lived a character named, "SlenderChance". He liked his server. His favorite was when he sliced the hell out of mobs with his, "Unbreaking 1" stone sword. But.............. one day something went wrong. One day he got shot in the stomach by a skeleton. The pain was so awful he couldn't handle it. While having all the pain he built a tall wooden tower up to world height. He then started to put down ladders and went down them along the way. When he reached the ground he put down a chest and put his sword in it. He then started climbing up the tower putting TNT on every plank. When he got to the top he covered it with TNT. Then he pulled out his flint and steel and lit the TNT letting the tower blow to ashes with him on top of it. A few days later his body was taken to the funeral home. When the coffin was getting lowered into the hole his fist broke a hole out of the coffin and he broke out. He was then a ghost zombie. He then killed his friends and the cemetery owner. He then went back to the chest by the blown up tower where he put his sword in. He took his sword and slit his undead throat. He then came back to life as human again and saw a village. He went to it and killed all of the villagers. He then killed everyone on the server leaving there bodies piled up at the cemetery where he killed his friends. He is watching.....................................including you.