This is a classic!
This story is well-known across the community, and has been used as inspiration for many other authors or users. Plot changes should not be added until information has been released by the author. name is Brian.Im a good minecrafter,having good buliding skills and playing skills,but one day i experienced is something i will always know

On saturday evening when i was making a new map with my friend we got a bit bored of buliding,then we decided to go at one server.The story starts here.

When we went to a server i noticed it loaded slower,it took 20 seconds,usually it takes 5 seconds.when we loaded the textures looked darker,and we were only one on server,we explored the server to find almost no mobs expect for a few zombies.

Then we started to walk slower,the screen got darker,creepy music started in background,then the screen was very dark,barely visible,we saw a new player joined the game called:Shadow dragon,we got a closer look at him.

He looked like ender dragon,but darker,he had dragon wings and tail,he looked at us and said:get ready,if you lose you and your friend will be eaten but if you win you will be let alone,

Then we got disconnected from server with words:the one who cannot escape will suffer

One night when i was playing minecraft i spawned in the game night in a arena,there were public ,there was dragon statue,there was my friend there

Me:what happened.

My friend:maybe he took us to battle until death.

Then we got a sword. 

The statue soon started to shake,releasing the pitch black dragon 15 feet tall with 4 heads,with each head having a crown,the we heard: 

good luck mortal. 

It went straight on us,we first dodged his attacks, we then started to fight him,he had only 100 hp. when we killed him,he exploded with a scream,with a words:this was a warm up mortal,then he came to life. 

Only much bigger and stronger.Also more agile and faster. 

Now he had 1000000 hp,with a new formation that has wither spawner. i was thinking we will die,but the on chat was notch:here comes help:we got a diamond sword not ordinary but with 10000 damage,he also game us diamond armor with insane protection,then in chat there was a message said by shadow dragon:what,curse you notch,if that isnt enough,my minions will finish you. 

But we were lucky and we killed him in 2 minutes,he then fell and exploded into tiny gibs,with words:you may done it,but you cant stop shadow army.then he dropped something like dragon egg,but darker and with crown and dragon wings,it was shadow egg.then we respawned into our worlds,everything was normal later then