One summer day I was playing on a Minecraft server with my friends, and was building a pixel art piece when one of my friends told me to /tp to her. I spawned next to a massive quartz building, with redstone lightning and iron doors. We went inside to find a massive redstone contraption, unfinished and abandoned. We had no idea what it could do, as we were not redstone experts. We went to an admin, and they gave the cryptic reply, "We are NE@R."

I found someone on the server with redstone knowledge, and he concluded it was an abandoned project the admins had, but he never got into further detail. I returned later to find my friend working on the machine. As far as I know, she had no redstone knowledge, so I asked her, "What are you doing?" She replied, "Finishing NE@R."

"Who is NE@R?"



I was then banned by user "NE@R" for, "Getting in the w@y."

About a week later, the ban expired and I rejoined the server. I spawned inside the machine to find the admins (one of which was named NE@R), the server owner, and my friend standing in a circle around a lever hooked up to the machine. The owner said, "Come, it is NE@R." He flicked the lever, and the game crashed. I tried to rejoin, only to find that the server was deleted. Gone.

I went into my single player survival world, only to find that the world was completely gone, not deleted, but rather than the beautiful forests and deserts of a normal world, it was empty except for a single bedrock block, which I was standing on. My inventory was gone except for a written book.....


"By NE@R"

"I am coming, I am here, build me a palace of gold, and you will survive my rebirth."

I later received an email from saying, " | @ |\/| /|/ { @ R".

If anyone has any information, tell me, I found nothing except a brief article (later deleted) saying that NE@R was a human who wishes to be reborn as a god, and is starting out by trying to infuse himself with the Internet and various other technologies."


The picture is a rough recreation of NE@R's skin, the back is the same, but without the stripe down the middle.