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One day i went on my tablet to buy Minecraft Pocket Edition. I looked up the different downloads and saw a website to download Minecraft Pocket Edition 2.0. In my head, i thought, "Whats Minecraft Pocket Edition 2.0?". I downloaded Minecraft Pocket Edition 2.0 anyways. When downloaded, i went into Minecraft Pocket Edition 2.0 right away. When the game started up, the main title wasn't like usual. Instead of the normal background, the background looked like the nether with the play button colored blood red. I then created a new world, when the world created, it wasn't singleplayer, i was playing on multiplayer with a ghost. His skin was just white. He told me through the chat, "HELP ME! I AM A VICTIM OF THIS CURSED VERSION!!". I noticed that the grass was red like netherack, then a mysterious mob appeared behind me and killed me. When i respawned, i got teleported to a house in the nether (in Minecraft Pocket Edition 2.0). The door opened and closed on its own. I then quickly logged out of the game and went on Skype. When i did, there was a video message. I watched the video. The video showed my friend lying dead with whispering and the sound of blocks being placed in the background. I was terrified! I went back in Minecraft Pocket Edition 2.0. When i went back in the world, a creeper was right in front of me and didn't explode. I then logged out of the world and created a new world. When i entered it, i died. I couldn't respawn. All i could do is to delete Minecraft Pocket Edition 2.0. I did it and got Minecraft Pocket Edition (The regular kind) and now i learned my lesson.