Right now, I'm at my computer, playing minecraft.

I've got full diamond except for iron hoe.

I'm in my base, I need of a pet. So I go outside.

The night is turning darker, and the monsters start to appear.

I finish off a couple of skeletons and then something pops in my mind

"What if Minecraft was real? that would be so COOL!"

So I minimize minecraft, in my base, and download some coding things, including "Notebook"

I gather bits of cardboard, metal and wires, and string them up to the computer.

Its taken almost a year, and now I'm finished....

And I turn on the lever....

Nothing happens!

I go back to the computer though, and, strange enough, the computer is much more square!

I look at my typewriter. Its square, too!

Then something happens, a cute minecraft baby mooshroom appears on the floor.

"moo" it whispers.

I cant help but standing there, looking into its cute, droopy eyes.

and it stares back. Mooshrooms have never looked cuter.

It wonders up to me, and brushes its leg on my foot.

"moo" it repeats

I decide to keep it. I hope mum dosent get angry though. I make a little cage for it. It lays down and makes those cute noises. "moo"

I look at it for a while, snuggling up into the hay, about to fall asleep.

And that's when something horrifying comes into my mind.

"Herobrine, Null and Entity 303"

Of course, I've only seen Herobrine... But I knew it was fake.

But when i come back to the computer, thinking I've done enough getting the cutest baby mooshroom ever... the computer is gone...

with my machine.

Suddenly a baby zombie comes behind the desk. I back up, pick it up, stab it with a kitchen knife and throw it out the window.

For some reason, I'm bursting out tears. that was so funny.

The computer is still gone, though.

I come back, and see the type writer.

A piece of paper is sticking out of it, unlike before. I run back to the mooshroom, and run back to the typewriter. And then i see the words on the paper...


To Be Continued

P.S This is fake. I, Ittybittybummer, takes claim of this project. Anyone editing it will be caught and reported.

Part 2: Coming to a minecraft creepypasta website near you!