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POTM winner!
This pasta is an extremely high quality pasta which has won Pasta of the Month in the past! Consider this pasta one of the best of the best. This award is bestowed once a month to someone who was written an interesting, engaging, and an overall fantastic pasta. This pasta should not be edited by anyone except the author to maintain the quality of the page.


This is the information page for the MCCW Pasta of the Month competition. The competition is inspired by a competition of the same name located on the Creepypasta Wiki.

[This was originally the Pasta of the Month Nominations and Voting Page. POTM has since been migrated to forum threads and will now be hosted there every month.]



  • Nominated pastas must:
    • be of acceptable quality - this includes grammar, spelling, story, length and other components of the pasta
    • not be your own pasta - this includes collaborations
    • not have already won Pasta of the Month in the past
    • not be a joke/trollpasta page
    • not have already been nominated on this thread by someone else - if it has been nominated in the past but didn't make it it's fine to nominate it again
  • Don't ask people to vote for the pasta you nominated, or ask people to nominate your pastas. If you are found to be asking people, you and your pastas may be banned from being nominated ever again.
  • You may nominate up to 2 different pastas from different authors. This does not include collaborations(i.e. you can nominate 2 pastas that a user has collaborated on both)


  • Only once vote per round. Alt accounts and sock puppets are not allowed, if you are found to be using them you may be banned for voting in the future.
  • Only vote for pastas that have been nominated - if you want to suggest a page keep it for next month's POTM.
  • You are allowed to vote for the pasta you nominated. You are not allowed to vote for your own pasta(including collaborations).

If a Pasta wins POTM, they will receive:

  • A place in the "Pasta of the Month" category
  • A Feature on the front page under the POTM tab, until the next winner is declared.
  • A 'POTM' badge on top of the winning pasta.




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