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Hey guys!!! This is Willzombie and this can be edited by anyone that wants to write a sighting like Herobrine, Null, Entity 303, Green Steve e.t.c. If you muck around, I will report to the admins in control.

Sighting 1 - April 1st, 2017 (Willzombie) Edit

I didn't last very long on April fools day on my Xbox One. I was building a giant house out of gold when I saw a figure sanding inside it, I recognized it. It was Herobrine but wearing a Orange top instead of a blue top.

I stood there, looking at him, wondering what he was thinking. Suddenly he blew up, destroying me and everything around my golden house which was also destroyed.

My game crashed so I logged back on but my world was corrupted and Herobrian was gone!

Sighting 2 - August 22nd, 2017 (ThunderBreaking) Edit

The Diaries of Herobrian: Edit

Day 1: Edit

Something is defiantly wrong with my world. I could not believe to find my house on fire, burning to a crisp! Hopefully I can find more soon!

Day 2: Edit

Right, now I need to seriously do something! I entered my world to find that everything had blown up, then the world deleted itself!

Day 3: Edit

I tried to forget what had happened by creating a new world and starting again.

Day 7: Edit

Nothing happened until today! I came out of my house to see a figure in the distance. It was Herobrine but with an orange shirt. Suddenly, the player vanished and out of no-where I blew up. Then like last time the world deleted itself!

Day 8: Edit

I sat there, wondering what had happened yesterday, when I decided to research the entity I spotted. I searched up: 'Orange Herobrine' and I got quite a few results. Most of them were nothing but rubbish, but on of them had something interesting.

It said that Herobrine was claimed to be removed but he and Notch had a brother that was still in the game, though Notch said that was impossible.

Then there was this picture:


Soon it all made sense. This orange Herobrine dude was Notch's brother that he never meets, explaining why Notch thinks that this entity doesn't exist!

Sighting 3 - 30th March, 2018 (CptChuck07) Edit

I had just went into my Xbox 360 creative world. I built a nether portal and went through it to see an End Stone tower. I went up it to see if it was a random structure my brothers had built, but at the top was a Herobrine-like entity with an orange shirt. He managed to kill me, even though I was in Creative Mode. When I respawned my mansion build was destroyed and then my Xbox turned itself off! When I turned it back on, I loaded up Minecraft Xbox 360 to find my world had been deleted! I wanted to find out who this creature was.

When I searched "Orange Herobrine" on Bing, I only found results that seemed to be just the regular old Herobrine. But I found something interesting... Tucked away in Jeb's twitter was a tweet that said the following...

"Hjälp! Jag är inte Herobrine. Jag är Herobrian. Jag behöver hjälp! Men jag kan bara få din uppmärksamhet genom att förstöra dina byggnader. Du måste hjälpa mig! - Herobrian"

It was weird, I tried to investigate the replies to see if Herobrine, Entity 303/404 or yraniB had replied to the tweet. But when I clicked the tweet, it 404'd. The only way I could show you the message was viewing it on my laptop. When I translated it, because I thought of doing so, I got this...

"Help! I'm not Herobrine. I'm Herobrian. I need help! But I can only get your attention by destroying your buildings. You have to help me! - Herobrian"

I can only assume he needs our help...

Stay on the lookout for this Herobrian.

Sighting 4 - ????? (User) Edit