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This story is well-known across the community, and has been used as inspiration for many other authors or users. Plot changes should not be added until information has been released by the author.

One day I found a server IP. It was, with the server name being advertised as "HellCraft" I figured that the server would be a nether world, but I was dead wrong. When I logged onto the server, I was greeted by a friendly owner. His IGN was buckyfan02. He thanked me for coming on, as, according to them, I was the first player besides him to join. A few minutes after I joined, buckyfan left. I found it a tiny bit strange, as he didn't say "goodbye" or anything. I figured he was in a hurry, so I continued collecting materials. After I finished my house, I took a look at my clock. It read 11:52 PM. A sudden feeling of tiredness washed over me, So I got ready for bed. It was hard for me to fall asleep that night, but I managed to fall asleep. I woke up at 8:43 the next morning. I was eager to get back on the server, so I rushed to the computer without getting on real clothes, eating or brushing my teeth. When I got back on, my house was gone. My inventory was gone, and I was in the nether. While there was no visible portal by my spawn, I found a chest filled lava. I took all the lava and began roaming around the nether. Then, a world hole appeared right where I was. I tried reconnecting, but instead I got the message, "Refused to Connect" I decided to get on with my day. Later that day, when I got home from a day of hanging out with friends, I decided to try reconnecting to HellCraft. When I logged on, I was no longer in the nether. In fact, I didn't know where I was. All I saw was 3 corners of each dimension. (The End, The Nether and The Overworld) before I fell into lava. Instead of dying, I was kicked with the message, "GET OFF." I tried reconnecting, but my game crashed when I tried to get on. But when I relaunched minecraft, I was able to log on. I began to walk around the world. The textures began to glitch, and then they started to swirl around. Suddenly, the textures immediantly were restored to their original state, But I couldn't move. I realized the server was expieriencing major lag spikes. I tried hitting Esc, but the Disconnect button was unclickable and replaced with the words "You may not leave HellCraft" When I hit Esc again, the textures began to swirl again, and the game sounds where replaced with distorted moaning. Then, I saw "buckyfan02 has Joined The Game" I immediantly wrote "HELP ME WHAT IS GOING ON?!!!" He replied "Welcome to HellCraft. You are now the new Owner. Prepare to stay here forever." The chat then blanked out. I tried turning off the computer, but it didn't do anything. Then, in the chat the following appeared: "buckyfan02 gave pal00023 server ownership." Then, buckyfan02 left the game.

Author's Note

I, Buckyfan99, am the creator of this creepypasta. DO NOT claim this as your own, as I have full proof I created it.