I had been playing Minecraft and messing with the game files. One day i opened up the games file. The moon was set to look like green eyes. When i saw that my notepad titled "Codes" opened. I started reading.
"Uh oh, It seems your hacking minecraft? Maybe not, I'm not evil or anything. But im stuck inside here... Im like a robot, but i can think. I protect minecraft. But the green eyes you saw... Someone is in your computer..."

− − If i tried to close a page it would appear saying "File = Unknown

− − I tried to open up my task manager but it would appear with "Where do you think your going?" I freaked out and shut my computer down. Blood. All i can think of is blood, My blood saying "File = Unknown". I never came out of my room. After some time, i ran to my school which was starting. I could not stop thinking about it. I never touched my computer ever again...

− − ⋆Dont say fake, It is fake