Author's Note

This is my first original MC CreepyPasta so I hope you all appreciate it. 

The Beginning

It all started July 14, 2014, a player known as DJShadoZombiz, was playing on his world. He found a village, started his game like any other average player would. He got his materials, and started mining. He had a feeling, he was being, watched, by something. He tried to ignore the feeling, then continued his game. He later found diamonds but didn't mine them until the next morning. He played until about 11:34 PM, he then shut down his game, and went to sleep. He woke up that next morning at 11:34 AM, he was tired, he didn't get much sleep because he kept waking up. He felt sick, but still felt good enough to play on Minecraft. Once he got on his game, something strange happened...


The player's entire screen was bright red, he questioned it. Then, after mining the diamonds, he found a sign that said "Watch your back... DJ.." He questioned what this was and how it knew his user. He still could barely see with all the red on his screen. After a while, the red got darker, and darker, and darker by the second. After it was all black, the game made a loud scream, that sort of sounded like an Enderman death, and then showed red eyes, and then text appeared, "I told you!" He died, quit the game, and got off his computer. He tried to forget the day but he had nightmares, he kept hearing that screech in his head, and seeing those eyes in his sleep. This continued for many months. He called a news team to review this they saw nothing, his world was back to normal, he was where he died, had all his items. After that, he went out to the park, people began to run away from him. He wondered why everyone ran away, then after going home, he went into his bathroom, and saw himself in the mirror, he had dark, red... eyes...

Author's Note 2

I, DJShadoZombiz came up with AND wrote this CreepyPasta on my own. This is my original content and this as I said before was my first original MC CreepyPasta. Thanks for reading, I hope you liked it. and be sure to check out nothing