Disclaimer: This is fiction not real, and should not be stated as so.


I'm sure everyone has heard of "Minecraft" the popular sandbox/survival game, created by legend Markus "Notch" Persson until he stepped down blah blah blah.  What many people don't know is that Notch was actually a former member of the Illuminati.  Think about it for a moment, and here is additional evidence.

1: Chiseled red sandstone has two letters on it, H and C.  The H stands for the Swedish word "hemliga" meaning secret and the C stands for the English word coalition,  which is a group of groups.  The Illuminati  is a secret group of chapters/groups.

2: Desert Temples

3: Masonic architecture and blocks

4: This story found in the journal of my murdered older brother: [square brackets are additional information that was not in the journal]

The Main Evidence

I had to stay home from school [college] today, I had a temperature of 39.4 Celsius [103 Farenheit], so I decided to boot up Minecraft for the first time in forever since graduation, And what I saw and heard scarred me forever.  I went on to my first survival world, and gazed in awe at all the amazing things I had built and done, with waves of nostalgia as I listened to all the songs.  I remembered that I had found a Desert Temple but hadn't looted it yet because I didn't know back then.  When I got to the temple I heard voices, talking:

Voice 1:  Are you sure this is a safe place to meet?

Voice 2: Yes, the only other people here is that guy who thinks he is alone.

Voice 1: What if he tells?

Voice 2: He won't, there are already hitmen heading to his house.

Voice 1: Good.  I can't believe Persson betrayed us.

Voice 2: We will have our revenge soon enough, Dinnerbone.

Dinnerbone: How will we get rid of him?  If we kill him people will get suspicious.

Voice 2: We will make it look like an accident.

Dinnerbone: But then people will say it was Herobrine, 303, or Null.

Voice 2: We should never have spread those rumors to cover up our involvement.

Dinnerbone: jeb_, we may not be able to get him, for now,

jeb_: I know.

Voice 3: Just leave me alone.

jeb_: Notch!!!

Notch: Please, I'm tired of all this.

Dinnerbone: We will let you live, at a price.

Notch: What is it?

jeb_: Don't tell anyone.

Notch: Very well.

Dinnerbone: We will probably cover up the evidence with a new boss, like Horrendous Creature or something.

jeb_: We will keep you alive, but the eavesdropper on the other hand.....

Notch: I......I understand.

Dinnerbone: Excellent.

[The rest of the entry was covered in blood, and my brother was found dead in his room from 50 gunshots.]

[I tried to login to his world, but it said, "Sorry your account has been terminated for: Spreading lies."]