One night, I was searching Google for the keyword "Creeper". I was browsing a site in which I downloaded a torrent downloading "Creeper.avi". I loaded it on to Bit-torrent, and did some other stuff when a notification popped saying it was done. The file said it was made an hour from now... weird. I watched it. It was creepy to say the least, it was just a Creeper standing, it wasn't playing, dancing, or smiling. Just staring at me. It stayed like that for 5 minutes. Then 12 seconds later after static appeared, The Creeper had soulless black eyes, which were crying blood. It also looked like it has been shot. The eyes and blood weren't realistic, but looked more like it was made in MS Paint than in Minecraft. I started hearing eerie music with the volume increasing. The realistic screaming had begun now. Its eyes started to melt and its mouth started to get thinner then it was completely gone. Frames of dead children began next, with their entrails spewing out. Then, a creepy, green tinted face popped up, you know, that one girl from the exorcist who was possessed, and with it came a very loud scream (which was similar to the ending of The Scary Maze Game). After that, all kinds of messed up shit showed up: Herobrine holding a blood-stained axe while saying strange words, a 2-year old girl hanged up on a noose, a horse putting its head in the lava, an old lady ready to commit suicide, an 8th grader bullying to death 3-6th Graders, a night crawler-like figure killing animals. All kinds of messed up shit as I said. It cut to static for about 7 seconds, Then the same Creeper with a dead body of an Enderman twirling it's head (which was similar to the Rap Rat), in a creepy demonic voice saying "You're next!". I realized the eyes and mouth were back. The camera zoomed into its face and it cut to static. There was one frame though, before the static appeared, which truly scared me. There was a picture of my family, in the living room, brutally murdered and mutilated by a chainsaw. Guess how I knew it was a chainsaw? Because I was holding one. This video is the end of me. I want to stay away from these creatures, who have so horribly brainwashed my mind. I do not want this video to be posted anywhere. I do not want to murder my own family. I have decided to live on my own life. On that note, see you in the afterlife.

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