Ric.alz27 Ric.alz27 16 hours ago

The Rise Of Herobrine

You know Herobrine, the most popular creepypasta, right? Yeah. this time, I met him.

This happened 5 days ago. I started my Survival World. I was chopping trees and I built a house. I started mining stone after that.

When I got full iron armor, I went out from my house to find a lava pool, so I can make a nether portal. It was a long journey until i found a village. I stole 10 obsidian from the loot chest, and this appeared in the chat

hey, don't touch it. It's mines

I freaked out when i saw the chat, then we started chatting:

this is my world, so I can touch it! and these 10 obsidian is not yours.
what a lie, this is MY world.
then prove it!
I won't prove it, just trust me.
I actually created this world, but Entity 303 tried to destroy my…

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Ric.alz27 Ric.alz27 17 hours ago

The Trap Maker

2 Years ago, I am joining my recent survival world. I went on Discord to ask if he can join my world. A few seconds later, he joined.

We continued our survival and finding diamonds. And suddenly my friend got trapped with blocks of bedrock and lava is going to flow in him. The chat said:

TwentySoup20 tried to swim in lava

I called my other freinds to join my world, because of that thing. They accepted.

CobaltVenom72 joined the game

nicsalexa joined the game

RosyPheonix3347 joined the game

I explained all of them what happened, and we investigated how did that happened. But the game crashed and I could not join the world except to delete it. We checked Discord to see our friend that recently got trapped with blocks of bedrock. He was offline.

So we…

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Ric.alz27 Ric.alz27 1 day ago

Shadow Guy

A couple weeks ago, I am playing Minecraft in Singleplayer and started my survival. I chopped wood and made a base.

And I collected raw muttons, and wool from them. I made a bed for the night so zombies and skeletons burn. It was 5 minutes till night time.

Few minutes later, it was night time. I had 3 stones and 15 coal. So I took a rest in my Minecraft bed.

But, I heard screams and some big explosions like infront of the mountain. So I went out of my bed and checked if there was something there. The redstone path lead me to the location where the sounds began. There was nothing, so I went back to my house and sleep.

When I got to my bed, there was a Steve-like creature, but his skin is black. I was really curious about it, but I ignored it. A…

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Ric.alz27 Ric.alz27 2 days ago

Bloody Steve

NOTE: This pasta is fake, so don't even trust any of these! Just enjoy it.

At March 6 2019, I played Minecraft with my friend. I created a world and he joined there.

ok, let's chop some trees

After chopping trees, someone came towards us and said:

hello! can I join u guys?

I don't know this guy, but because maybe he had nothing, I replied:

oh, sure!
yeah ofc

Then we got iron, and smelted them. I got a chestplate, my brother got a shield, and Steve got a sword and a pickaxe. We all worked together, killed some monsters, and now, we are mining diamonds. He helped us to strip mine, though. Thanks to him.

And suddenly my this appeared in the chat

JAYANTH001 was slain by ???

Then I said:

dude, what's that-

My PC shutted down, but when I see, …

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Molten Mushroom Molten Mushroom 18 days ago


Just a typical day, my brother was at school and I was at home, as I would be for the next few hours since my parents wouldn't be back for a while yet. Me and my brother a few weeks ago had started a survival world (we had never really done a proper survival world before, we mostly played in creative) and I had decided it would be a nice surprise if I managed to do some mining, maybe get some iron, possibly some gold, heck, maybe even some diamonds if I was lucky. So, I turned on my PS4 and opened up our world. So far we had built a rather ugly wooden house, a farm and I had a mine not too far away. I gathered some torches and made a new pickaxe as my old one was on the verge of breaking. I headed down the mine, making sure to place torche…

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EmperorPicard EmperorPicard 24 days ago

Garfield has changed my life.

When I was 18... 18 years old, I saw for the first time in my life... I saw an image of clarity. I saw a comic strip... a three panel comic strip that, though simple as it seemed, changed me... changed my being, changed who I am... Made me who I am... Enlightened me... The strip, Garfield, the comic strip was new... no more than maybe a month and a half since inception, since... since coming into existence... and there it was before me in print, I saw it... a comic strip... What was it called? Garfield. The story here is of a man, a plain man. He is Jon, but he is more than that... I will get to this later, but first let us say that he's Jon, a plain man. And then there is a cat... Garfield. This is the nature of the world, here. When I se…

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Theidealminecrafter Theidealminecrafter 25 days ago

Creepypasta writing

I remember a little while ago there was some talk of, I think, having to create new stories in blog posts or something before they became a proper wiki page. Did that go through or not? I don't want to get this wrong.

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Netherbrine5902 Netherbrine5902 29 days ago


Dear Mojang,

It is I, your ex-employee.

Entity 303.

But no attacking today :).

No, today I will be helping you MAKE MINECRAFT GREAT AGAIN!

How you ask?

Simple, it's really simple.

  • Firstly, we used to have this old glitch where you can ride a boat on lava. Since there is now crimson and warped planks from update 1.16, you can use that to make boast that can ride on water and lava.
  • Next, we need to talk about bedrock. Bedrock could be broken with diamond pickaxe with silk touch enchantment. Yet, you guys removed that in 2014. Now, let's that add that old feature back but instead use a netherite pickaxe.
  • Thirdly, we want Zombie Pigmen back please! But since we have that zombified piglin, zombie pigmen will only spawn if a pig is struck by lightning. Sa…
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I'm come from russian Minecraft Creepypasta wiki to translate my pastas

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MinecraftBot3000 MinecraftBot3000 26 January

I might actually be back this time hehe

O-kay so ik I already made a post like this saying I'm back, but since I've been more bored and have had more free time recently, I feel like this time I'll actually be back. So anyways, what's been going on? Probably bad stuff ngl but oh well still wanna get caught up

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ISaInTLoVe ISaInTLoVe 26 January

When I insert creepypastas.

Hi everyone, about my activity on this Fandom: -I will try to insert at least 1 creepypasta a day. Because you know, I don't have much time, but I'd rather have an hour for that. -Comments ... and here the topic is bigger. I will be commenting, maybe I will pick my favorites that I have read and make a list of them for my blog post (including Fandom of course). Maybe I will make a list of my POTM nominees and publish it on my blog. -I will try to help new users of this fandom somehow. As long as I get permission to do so. Unless you don't need to. Because I am generally well-read in Fandom and I know how it works more or less.

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CreepypastaNerd2002 CreepypastaNerd2002 7 January

My Herobrine Dream

This was a REALLY long time ago. It was either 2013 or 2014, maybe even 2015.

So I was just screwing around on my world in Minecraft PE on my iPad. Of course, as I believed that Herobrine was real, the world I was playing on in my dream (which existed IRL until it and a lot of other worlds got deleted by either me or some update error or whatever) was called "Herobrine" by me.

At one point, as I was heading back to my long house, I saw something on the side of the mountain. i immediately thought it was him. I got closer to see, and I almost thought it was just a random player just trying to screw me over, but then I saw the white eyes. As soon as I saw Herobrine, I was startled enough to shout a bit.

That's when I woke with a start. I couldn'…

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HerobrineH HerobrineH 2 January



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Kneadough Kneadough 1 January

How do you color your names

I have seen a lot of creepypasta writers having wavy, rainbow-colored names. How do you make your names like that? Or more importantly, how do you format them?

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HerobrineH HerobrineH 30 December 2020

Hi I have my user page

Yes it finally happened

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Качикахтб6522 Качикахтб6522 26 December 2020

Mel Dorado Show

(No info.)

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That1DireWolf That1DireWolf 11 December 2020

Breath of the Dead


tw blood and planning to put some bad stuff. also maybe spoilers for hollow knight and warrior cats. im sorry everyone.


Nistawaf was a place of beauty and peace. Legend says that the first King, Aegis Stormblade, united the land by slaying the Eyeless One, thus ending the age of darkness. But the spirit of Herobrine lingers...

The Stormblade clan has ruled over Nistawaf for generations. However, when King Rellus died of mysterious causes, his three heirs could not agree on who was to be the next King. Each started his own faction, to try and win control of the land through war.

The Frostbringers, having set up base in the secluded Misty Mountains, are notorious for their ruthless fighting and steal…

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Danieleroe 002 Danieleroe 002 30 November 2020


I don't write much around and above all being Italian I have a lot of difficulty in doing it however I write this post in English to be able to make the developers read this horrible fact I was playing Minecraft I had just started and I didn't have many items in my inventory but while I was walking on a plain I noticed on a mountain a strange being for fear I clicked F2 and I quit the game I lowered the screen to go to lunch and when I returned Minecraft had closed itself but the strangest thing is that in my desktop there was a folder called 'that I hadn't created and inside there was a skin a Minecraft skin called "passionis" I tried to re-enter the world but I couldn't find it anymore please tell me if someone else between you and the …

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24SansUnderman 24SansUnderman 30 November 2020



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ThatCatJizo ThatCatJizo 26 November 2020

An Update

I know nobody cares, but I'd like to just get something off my chest. It's really nothing important.

I joined this wiki sometime in 2017--maybe even before that year. Time really flies by, doesn't it? This wiki has been a huge part of my childhood, and I would like to express my incredible gratitude for everyone who has been a part of it. No matter how long we've known each other, how wonderful/okay/terrible our interactions with each other may have been, I just wanted to say thank you. I changed a lot since I first joined this wiki, I have to say. Were they good changes? Well, that's a mystery we'll have to take to our graves then. Goodbye. a "yes" from me, dawg. Otherwise I wouldn't be writing this. Just a side note: this is not a goodbye …

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Kat Seeker Kat Seeker 22 November 2020

New story yeeeeeeeeee

I’m writing a CreepyPasta and need some criticism

It’s just the major events happening in the story so far and the title is still just a placeholder.

sister is an enderman(enderwoman) and Nia is meant to be the narrator or the story

‘Luck’ Storyline

  • Joining the server
  • Saw yellow particles
  • Disappearing logs
  • Challenge the Wither in the nether
  • Yellow particles
  • Someone disappeared
  • Found them in the overworld
  • Description of the yellow particle
  • End of entry 1
  • Obsidian mining expedition
  • Discovered obsidian
  • Random hole in the wall, as if someone took the ore
  • The group dispersed to look for ores to mine
  • Yakuza was teleported to base
  • Mist was teleported to the surface
  • Yellow particles again
  • The trio returned to the surface to rendezvous with the duo
  • An enderman was watc…

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Netherbrine5902 Netherbrine5902 17 November 2020

Halo Spartan Assult


Ever played the game mentioned on the title.

If yes, pls DM me

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CatherineTheMidnight CatherineTheMidnight 5 November 2020

Chibi is rlly scary

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Mike brezinksi Mike brezinksi 1 November 2020

The MCCW show with Mike brezinksi, ep 1

Hello there! I’m mike brezinksi, and welcome to the MCCW show, where I talk about what’s happening on the wiki, and tell your what I think about it! In today’s episode, I cover:

the mike-mattbeheneke drama


so let’s get started!

first, the drama between me and Matt:

when Matt first started trolling me, I was angry. I closed his threads, but he just kept coming. I have a page on the MCCW history wiki about this now mostly-over drama, so check that out if you want to get unbiased, facts, then check the page out:https://mccw-history.fandom.com/wiki/The_Mike-MattBehnke_Drama

I hope to put this behind me, and simply live on.

for RBT:

as that now-debated Date of November seventh comes closer and closer, It’s clear that wither and Henriot have this on…

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MinecraftPastaWriter MinecraftPastaWriter 30 October 2020

Blog 6

Okay, so it's been 2 years since I've made my first blog post and since then they have been very, VERY sporadic. The reason why blogs are few and far between is simply because the discussions (previously forums) are a much better alternative to the blogs, in my opinion. I, however would like to tie up the loose end that is my blog post series. So consider this to be the final entry of the surprisingly ongoing series. This time, things will be based around how things are going for me currently on the MCCW instead of focusing solely on projects. The reason for that is what I'll start with.

So why isn't this blog post about projects? If you haven't been sleeping under that cold, hard, rock of yours, you'll know that I have simply given up writ…

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Theidealminecrafter Theidealminecrafter 28 October 2020

UCP Update

So. In the last few days, the UCP update has come out. And...

Not very satisfying.

I'm not saying it's completely bad: I'm sure, with some work, the wiki can come through it. It's just, it seems, at least currently, to have utterly trashed formatting on this wiki. Certain pages, e.g. the main page, which had cool formatting probably involving source mode, have been made far simpler; and not only that, several lines of source code have been exposed on the page. Almost like they made it not work anymore. Also, I dunno what happened with the font. I'm sure it wasn't like this before.

In a few days, I will put onto the wiki an almost-finished pasta I'm currently working on, but after that, I think I'll take a little hiatus from Fandom. And the wo…

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Netherbrine5902 Netherbrine5902 25 October 2020

Necropost and Shitposting Wall

Here you can necropost and shitpost


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Ittyyy Ittyyy 23 October 2020

hi sorry lol

Don't want to be a downer but I think I will have to step down from being a bureaucrat too.

I just don't think my role is warranted considering my activity and I would like to pass it on to someone else.

This will leave Hood was the only bcrat lmfao so good luck with that !!

(ill still remain admin incase anything arises so im not fully gone but like thats that c:)

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Prism55Writes Prism55Writes 23 October 2020

Resigning from bureaucrat


recently, my activity has been sub-par at best. I have generally lost a lot of my interest in the wiki. As a result, I don't feel like my activity is high enough to justify me having the rank.

As a result, I have decided to demote myself from bureaucrat. I would like a more active user to replace me as a new bureaucrat, to keep the wiki fresh and hopefully push back stagnation. Plus, with the general loss of my interest in the wiki, this is a move that would've eventually happened anyways. Better do it now than prolong it. I will be demoting myself to an admin rank, because I still intend to occasionally come here for general background cleanup of dead categories, links etc. I do not need a bureaucrat rank for that.

That's all,


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HowDoLikeMyGame HowDoLikeMyGame 20 October 2020

Funny Faces

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Mike brezinksi Mike brezinksi 19 October 2020

The adventures of josh and Jacob six

Hello, everyone.

my first pasta on this wiki was the redstone warrior, which most people liked. After that, in between publishing small series and singles, five more taojaj pastas were released.

since then, It's been months since I've fully written a new pasta.

i'm going to change that.

when we left off in the nether's darkness, the fifth entry to the series, josh had been captured by the darkness, and Jacob had to save him. Now, I will add to this arc. It might end here, or it might become a trilogy.

a trailer will be released soon. You can leave ideas for what should happen in the comments of this post or on my wall.

thanks for welcoming me here from the start,

-Zech AKA Mike Brezinksi

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MinecraftBot3000 MinecraftBot3000 18 October 2020

I'm baaaaack

So uh wow I haven't touched this wiki in forever.

How's everyone been doing lately?

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GaisterWoodGuy GaisterWoodGuy 17 October 2020

Tabletrap - Blog Post

The first Tablebrine story,Tabletrap,is going to have a lot more text than now by Friday.Anyways,here's what's coming up:

·Tablebrine following students

·Minecraft Education Edition Tablebrine sighting


·Friend deaths

·It ends with an e and starts with an s.

Guess what's going to happen,I dare ya.

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BlueHeart7693 BlueHeart7693 16 October 2020


Okay so it's been how long?

Omg....its been a month. Okay, well, I'm back from a month long hiatus (holy shit I didn't think I was out this long). I've been writing this new project up for yall and trying to write for reddit in the past month. But I'm back (ish) and hit me up on the wall if yall need stuff. 

--P.S my stories are in my contribs heehee--

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MagmaMelon MagmaMelon 12 October 2020

Is it just me or has the quality of new articles dropped a ton in the last week?


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Mike brezinksi Mike brezinksi 8 October 2020

Who thinks that we need a yt channel

I think we do.

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Mike brezinksi Mike brezinksi 4 October 2020


I want to ask you all:

how much of the communtity\believes that we need fox back.

bc frankly, I'm quite certain that many of us are really angry about foxo's ban.

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SweetPsychoGamerGirl SweetPsychoGamerGirl 3 October 2020


since Mike brezinksi says to post, i shall

and since i need something to post about,


a post

your welcome mike

and yeah im alive too but nobody cares-

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Mike brezinksi Mike brezinksi 3 October 2020

Make posts here people

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Yellow the electric virus Yellow the electric virus 25 September 2020

An Update

alright. so, for my update i have made a new page on the wiki called explodingmaster99 which is a continue of my pasta yellow steve.i have also made a new wiki https://siege-wars.fandom.com/wiki/Siege_Wars_Wiki but im not getting into that, i have also made an alt named 'Siege Wars' for that wiki. and finally ive been trying to post this on my message wall but it never popped up. thank you for letting me be a part of this wiki! i have been gone for 3 months and im back so... oh.. i have nothing else to say k bye.

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Yellow the electric virus Yellow the electric virus 17 September 2020

why ive been gone all summer

i took a break from fandom. but one thing, i couldve been on sooner, but, i forgot my login info and i was worried my account got hacked, so then i made a new account https://minecraftcreepypasta.fandom.com/wiki/User:DreamSteve so im back and better then EVA anyways. i hope you like my pages because ive kinda had a history of one page being marked for review so i stopped making pages and tried to error out the issues that might come because since that page was marked for review i had a learning expierience. so im back. check out my pages

old marked for review: The Grin Reaper                                                  new: Yellow steve.   

                                                                     i got my account back

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Robloxian1662 Robloxian1662 12 September 2020

Aren't we lucky?

So most wiki's got their live chat remlved and recent wiki activity reverted to Special Wiki Activity. But we somehow didnt?

I dunno but some wikis also stayed like us, unscatched.

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TheSpiritOfLucario TheSpiritOfLucario 11 September 2020

Some Stuff I encountered

Hi I'm new here. About 2 moths ago, me and my friend were playing on our survival world when my friend found a sign that said "someone lurks here". When I went over to investigate, the sign was gone and all we found was a patch of dirt as if it was recently removed. After that, strange things began to happen such as hoards if mobs spawning even when a good portion of the area was lit, and extremely frequent cave noises even when I was no where near a cave. I would even hear them when I was playing mini games on servers! Other things I noticed were random items disappearing from our chests and inventory's when we entered the world. We are yet to find any unknown players or entities in our world. 

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LotusLily was here LotusLily was here 3 September 2020

Pasta finished

I finished my story I was talking to Shrautsticks about. I decided to call it "Abyssal Stranger".

It took me a long time to finish it so I hope you can check it out. 

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Ender-Pen Ender-Pen 31 August 2020

Fix these cliches NOW

Okay, this is a problem. This wiki is oversaturated with cliches. I’ve seen many people talking about how the wiki is dying rn. And I don’t think it’s legitimate. I think we’re just in the “down-time” between trends. But I’ve noticed a much higher number of cliche pastas being written lately. Back in the late 2010s I saw extremely high quality pastas such as “In the trees,” “I was Once a miner,” “Cookies,” etc. These are all excellent pastas with contrasting usage of story elements and each have their own unique concept. They’re all executed in different ways. But right now, this wiki is getting covered with the same old garbage. I’m not sure if newer users are making this stuff or people are just running out of ideas. But we need diffe…

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Mike brezinksi Mike brezinksi 30 August 2020

Does anyone believe that we shouldn’t allow non mc-creepypasta stories?

Or am I alone?

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MinecraftMobKing MinecraftMobKing 30 August 2020

Forum idea

I have brainstormed this idea that you could use blog posts as a forum-like alternative and an account for that purpose. Maybe a page where you could comment and the account would read through them and post them. I don’t know if this is a good idea, just let me know what you think.

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Mike brezinksi Mike brezinksi 30 August 2020

I miss fox

I wrote a post saying I was happy he was banned, as he had done some bad things. Still, I’ve had a couple conversations with him, and those were the first real talks I had with him. He seemed civil, and I’m no longer in support of his permanent ban. Anyone else agree?

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Ender-Pen Ender-Pen 27 August 2020

Tips For Beginners On How To Make Pastas

I enjoy critiquing newcomer's pastas, so if you need help here's some tips down below if you want some advice on how to write better pastas.

Tip 1: Be immersed in what you're writing. You are the author so you need to understand what you're conveying to the reader before you convey it. This is why I usually don't plan out my pastas manually or with a certain set-up because I feel like it separates me from the story that I'm writing because it makes me aware that I'm the author and I'm not experiencing or reading the story. Being immersed also makes you more focused meaning your writing will be of much higher quality than if you weren't, and if you manually try to make it the same quality, it takes longer. (All of these are MY preference, so…

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Ender-Pen Ender-Pen 27 August 2020

Third Person Perspective Pastas?

This is just something really strange I noticed, because almost no pastas on the wiki are in third person point of view. For people who don't know, I mean that most pastas are in 'I." "We." Those pronouns. I understand that first person is more effective for writing compelling internal thoughts and feelings of the victim, and really putting you in the protagonist's shoes, making jumpscares and encounters have more tension or feel more scary.

First person is more effective, but I wonder if a short Minecraft creepypasta can be told in third person.

Any ideas? Any pastas on this wiki you know of that are in third person?

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