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The world of Minecraft is a wonderful place. The creatures you find, the tasks you fulfill, and the infamous visuals. Although arguably, the audio is one of the most underrated features of the game. With the incredible work of several artists, the entire soundtrack is an arsenal never to be topped. Although the mesmerizing background music steals the show for many, the game goes far beyond some simple relaxing tunes. Plentiful games have sound effects to match the player's actions or the general environment around the player, and Minecraft is one of the games that sport this trait. From basic sound design to even some of the most detailed and well produced effects, Minecraft provides a very clean and audible experience for the player. However, there is one specific category of audio that has a vast amount of the community talking. Sounds that come from the deepest and darkest of places, some of the most complex and creepy of them all. The game calls it Ambiance, and it plays a big role in the game. These sounds, like many others; are cued to play at specific times in one's session. What make these particularly special; they don't come from a block, mob, or player; they're atmospheric, hence the name given. Ambiance is listed in three different categories; Cave, Underwater, and Nether. Here's an in depth analysis of each category!

Cave Sounds

You're in a cave, presumably on the hunt for gems to evolve on further with your virtual expedition. You're several blocks beneath the surface, and it's fairly dark down there. But with your torches, you felt mostly safe. No monsters would spawn and you wouldn't get lost. You get even deeper into the mines, placing your occasional torches here and there. Suddenly; as you finish mining some iron and go to turn around, a disturbing noise from out of nowhere plays. It catches you off guard, and the quick unsettling noise makes your skin crawl. You immediately leave the world and go to calm yourself down. The ordeal is over, but you are now left to wonder as to what you just heard.

That noise is called a cave sound. There are currently 19 tracks to hear of as of 1.15.2. Here's how it works; the player will approach or linger near a light level below 9, and a stimuli will trigger, causing one of the 19 cave sounds to play (it is rumored that the function of the sounds will change in 1.16). These sounds are also listed as "eerie noise" in the subtitles.

So how can the sounds be described, and what is their source? The community is awfully split on what exactly each noise is. Some believe the noises come from straightforward objects, others believe in a paranormal force causing these sounds to, just before it strikes. The following list is based on what my ears captured.


1.13 all cave sounds

A video containing all 19 tracks.

Cave 1: Echoing Locomotive Whistle

Cave 2: Echoing Angel Vocal Runs

Cave 3: Low-Pitched Orchestra

Cave 4: Demonic Roar / Violent Wind Echoing

Cave 5: Slowed Metallic Bell

Cave 6: Engine Passing Through Nearby

Cave 7: Gong Ringing Gently

Cave 8: Blaze Breathing / Mild Wind Echoing

Cave 9: Airplane Passing By Above

Cave 10: Sharp Violin Screech / Ghast Screaming

Cave 11: Subway Train Passing Through Nearby

Cave 12: Gong Ringing Mildly Nearby

Cave 13: Demonic Grunt / Mild Wind Echoing

Cave 14: Electronics Glitching Violently

Cave 15: Locomotive Making Stop Nearby Whilst Blowing Whistle

Cave 16: Metallic Banging / Minecraft Rolling Past

Cave 17: Slamming Noise, Followed By Ghostly Shrieks and Low Pitched Chimes

Cave 18: Minecart Tumbling / Structure Collapsing In Distance

Cave 19: High Pitched Locomotive Whistle, Followed By Clacking

A Brief History!

Alpha v.1.0.3 (Java) Added 13 Different Cave Sounds
Release 1.2.1 (Java) Sounds Can Now Be Heard in Multiplayer, Can Now Be Heard In Smaller Spaces
Release 1.9 (Java) Added 1 Sound, Increasing The Total Of 13 to 14
Release 1.10 (Java) Added 2 Sounds, Increasing The Total Of 14 to 16
Release 1.12 (Java) Added 2 Sounds, Increasing The Total Of 16 to 18
Release 1.13 (Java) Added 1 Sound, Increasing The Total Of 18 to 19

Underwater Sounds

The ocean of Minecraft has quite an interesting history. Being renewed in 1.13, the deep blue sea has a variety of 22 sounds. These sounds are divided into two groups; loops and loop additions. Loops are exactly as they sound, they play continuously until the player leaves the water. Loop additions are sounds that play occasionally, along with the looping sound. They are scaled from normal to ultra rare, based on how often the sounds play. Here's the list!

Underwater Ambiance

Underwater Ambiance.13- - (Minecraft Sounds)

All Underwater Ambiance Sounds!

  • Underwater Ambiance (Loop)
  • Bubbles 1 (Normal Loop Addition)
  • Bubbles 2 (Normal Loop Addition)
  • Bubbles 3 (Normal Loop Addition)
  • Bubbles 4 (Normal Loop Addition)
  • Bubbles 5 (Normal Loop Addition)
  • Bubbles 6 (Normal Loop Addition
  • Water 1 (Normal Loop Addition)
  • Water 2 (Normal Loop Addition)
  • Animal 1 (Rare Loop Addition)
  • Bass Whale 1 (Rare Loop Addition)
  • Bass Whale 2 (Rare Loop Addition)
  • Crackles 1 (Rare Loop Addition)
  • Crackles 2 (Rare Loop Addition)
  • Driplets 1 (Rare Loop Addition)
  • Driplets 2 (Rare Loop Addition)
  • Earth Crack (Rare Loop Addition)
  • Animal 2 (Ultra Rare Loop Addition)
  • Dark 1 (Ultra Rare Loop Addition)
  • Dark 2 (Ultra Rare Loop Addition)
  • Dark 3 (Ultra Rare Loop Addition)
  • Dark 4 (Ultra Rare Loop Addition)

Nether Sounds

In the coming 1.16 update, the nether is being revamped completely with a large helping of new tracks. Upon the update's release, this section will be updated.

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