The Beginning

I was uploading 1.8 on Minecraft. It took a while though, but it complete, so I started the game. Once I pressed "Play", things did not seem normal. The words 'Mojang' were glitched out and all black and white. Once the title popped up, It said MINCERAFT, just like the rare occasion, but the forest that it was flying around changed to darkness, and the Single player button said 'ALONE'. I almost got in full panic mode, then, an additional world popped up, called "YOUARENOTALONE" I started it, and the story began.

The World

I started up the world, but the dirt on the loading screen changed to realistic blood-red colored stones. I was terrified AND confused, so I decided to press the 'Cancel' button, but nothing happened. I was automatically teleported to a forest. I punched wood, but it didn't appear in my inventory. The grass was black. And within seconds, all that was left was darkness in a void. I didn't die though. Then, I saw a weird Grey and Blue-skinned figure appear in the void, and got a wooden sword and killed me with one hit. The text said "Farewell, slave!" I was in full panic mode. I re-spawned, but I then left the game when I pressed it. I teleported to the multiplayer menu. I saw a server called "FREEDOM" so I calmed down and clicked it. But it didn't respond. I was then sent to the server 10 seconds later, but the chat was filled with "Error: null". I was then confused. So I invited my friend to help investigate. He didn't know either. So I re-spawned and I teleported to the lobby, where the figure I saw last time appeared. It then grieved the entire server, so I went to creative and made a stone house with a fire in the middle. I stayed in there with my friend. Until, a text shown up in the chat, saying "ACHIEVEMENTS ARE NOT NECESSARY". My friend and I stayed in the house, until the figure showed up again. We then slew it with our stone swords, but my friend's player died. I was still in the house, still stuck inside, until i went out to see if it was OK, but then, the outside turned into darkness and a sign popped up saying "ALONE IN THE DARK". My friend left the game, but his avatar was still there. It then disappeared, leaving only me behind, Alone In The Dark.