My First Sighting

I was playing on a multiplayer server with my friends, and the hostess sent some of us to mine for materials so we could build our houses. We split up, into two mining groups, and I led my group down to the deepest part of the mines.

One user tunneled below a stronghold, and most of the group, including me, followed. We didn't find any diamonds, so I checked our coordinates, and we were where we should be finding lots of diamonds. So, someone suggested that the other group had already been here and had mined all of the diamonds. After that we went even further, before giving up and going to the surface.

That was when one person in the group yelled, "HEROBRINE!" and we all ran to the main city, only for my friend Ellen and I to get lost.

My fingers were exhausted from keeping the W key on sprint. The compass wasn't helping because the city was far from the original spawn point. And Ellen told me that we had gone off the map. I was freaking out. And then, I noticed a female player in the distance. We ran over to her to ask for help. But she took one look at us and raced into the fog. We followed her - and ran smack-dab into a gang of creepers.

We screamed and ran in the opposite direction, finding ourselves in the main city. After all of the commotion, I only got time to build the foyer before it was time to sleep.

Ellen's POV: When Pigs Are Hacked

Ellen was on a PVP world when suddenly, the host raced around screaming and told everyone that pigs were up in the air. They went to check it out, when Ellen saw the mystery girl and yelled, "THERE'S THE HACKER! OVER THERE!" The players chased her around the map, but then, the host stopped them and told them that, until further notice, the server would be closed.

Her Skin

Recently, I found out I had taken a screenshot of the girl. And guess what? She was Alex, but with white eyes, similar to Herobrine.


This girl (who had the name "Adistri" over her head) is a mystery. Why is she on our servers? Why doesn't she ever attack? And why does she hack? Well, there are two possibilities. She could be a hacker (since both worlds were multiplayer) or she and the flying pigs could be causes of mods (since both worlds were modded). Either way, this is a girl who won't be leaving the servers any time soon.